Diploma in Field Epidemiology Training Program (DFE)

504 FETP: Infectious Disease Epidemiology
To introduce the epidemiological aspects of infectious diseases of Public Health importance for adapting effective control and
prevention strategies. This unit will strengthen the knowledge base of students in conducting Epidemic and other
epidemiologic investigation related to communicable diseases.
On completion of this unit, the student should be able to:
understand the basic principles and terminology of infectious disease epidemiology
understand the epidemiological aspects of infectious and other communicable diseases of Public Health Importance in Saudi
identify and adapt measures/strategies for prevention and control of these diseases
evaluate immunisation programmes

Conceptual Outline:
Terms used in infectious disease epidemiology
Principles and methods of disease transmission, control and prevention
Agent factors, mechanism of transmission, incubation period, host/reservoir, periods of communicability, characteristics of
asymptomatic infections, interplay of environment and host in disease transmission for the communicable diseases of
Public Health importance in Saudi Arabia and GCC.
Currently acceptable methods of control and prevention for each disease discussed
Current status of infectious and communicable disease control programs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Immunisation programmes planning, implementation and evaluation

Teaching Strategy:
The study strategy will consist of lectures and visits to offices of the concerned health programs. The teaching will be shared
by external guest speakers, where appropriate, to acquaint the residents with the current status of disease and its control
program in the country.

Course Assessment:
The course will contribute 200 marks to the final evaluation. Assessment will be based on
one written MCQ papers i.e. Paper II of 1st term examination 70% (140 marks)
one literature review assignment, on a designated topic in communicable disease epidemiology 30% (60 marks)
Field Epidemiology Training Program
Assistant Agency for Preventive Health, Agency for Public Health
Ministry of Health, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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