Diploma in Field Epidemiology Training Program (DFE)

General Instructions for Residents
Logistics for Field Activities
Resident (Lead investigator in case of multiple participants) will be responsible to coordinate all the logistic arrangements for the field work related to epidemiological studies and other field assignments, under supervision of his/her supervisor.
In case of epidemic investigation, if the place of outbreak is outside Riyadh city FETP will pay/reimburse the traveling allowance/tickets, as per entitlement, to all the participants of the study for the epidemic investigation for a maximum of 3 days. If the boarding and lodging is provided by the local health authorities/ other government organization only half per diem will be paid. However in such cases the paid stay can be extended to six days. However, in very extraordinary circumstances, Ministry of Health /Supervisor FETP can allow longer stays on government expense.
For Hajj attachment / study, residents are allowed a maximum of 15 days per diem, as per MoH rules.
No per diem or traveling allowances are permissible for the Epidemiological practice assignment.
For other epidemiological studies and attachments, per diem and travel allowance, can be allowed with prior approval of Ministry of Health/Supervisor FETP
Additional resources required for the epidemiological studies can be arranged with prior approval of MOH/Supervisor FETP, for which proposal along with he budget estimate has to be submitted to the MOH, along with University, for approval.
For other field assignments, minor resources requirements like training material, resource person for training, photocopying etc. may be arranged, with the prior approval of the “Supervisor FETP”
Only one study will be allowed in his home country during the two year training period.
The planning, analysis and report writing of study will be conducted in KSA and resident will be allowed to go to his home for data collection, only.
The maximum period allowed for stay in his home country, in relation to research, will not exceed 4 weeks.
Study should be under supervision of one of the senior staff member of FETP.
To obtain permission for data collection outside KSA, trainee has to apply in writing to the Training committee with letter of agreement from his/her study supervisor and ‘No Objection Certificate’ from Ministry of Health of his/her home country.
Final report will be sent by FETP to his home MOH.
FETP will not be responsible for funding of travel and other cost related to such study.
Field Epidemiology Training Program
Assistant Agency for Preventive Health, Agency for Public Health
Ministry of Health, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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