Page 1 - Monthly Report Feb-2019
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Ministry of Health

                                        Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

                                             Designed and Prepared

                 Field Epidemiology Training Program in Collaboration with

                              Surveillance and Data Management unit,

                                     Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

           List of Contributors

           Assistant Deputy of Preventive Health
            Dr. Abdullah Asiri
           Field Epidemiology Training Program
              Dr. Sami Saeed Almudarra
              Dr. Mohamed Nageeb Abdullah
              Dr. Sahibzada Azhar Mujib
           Surveillance and Data Management Unit
              Dr. Fahad Mohammad Alswaidi
              Dr. Muhra Mansi Al Alwy
           General Directorate of  communicable diseases control
            Dr. Ahmed Hakawi
           General Directorate of vector born and zoonotic diseases
              Dr. Mohammed Alzahrani
           HESN Program
              Dr. Abdullah Alzahrani

                                                                    Issue No : Feb-2019
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