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A message from the Ministry of Health

On behalf of the Ministry of Health, I welcome you to the first issue of Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin. The publication of this bulletin is an example of the support that the ministry is giving to the crucial area of preventive medicine.
The objectives of this publication are:
  • To provide a means of communication between the MOH's preventive medicine department and medical staff throughout the Kingdom and to disseminate information about disease and preventive measures to all medical personnel;
  • To offer a forum where both MOH and regional health workers can present surveillance data, giving medical personnel throughout the Kingdom the opportunity to study the patterns of disease; and
  • To publish results of epidemiological investigations done both by the Field Epidemiology Training Program and by others, providing all health workers the opportunity to learn new prevention techniques and to reinforce old ones.
We are sure that this information will be beneficial to the staffs of the medical colleges and other leading health institutes as well as to regional and local health professionals. We invite the participation of all readers to make this publication a success.