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Request for articles

The Saudi Epidemiology Bulletin (SEB) publishes brief articles covering events of immediate public health importance to Saudi Arabia. Most often these are based on original data collected during investigation of public health problems including infectious disease, chronic disease, other non-infectious diseases, injuries, disasters, environmental threats, and occupational disease.
The SEB also publishes articles describing the collection and utilization of public health surveillance and survey data. Although most articles involve issues within Saudi Arabia, we will publish articles about disease in neighboring countries if the problem constitutes a major threat to the public health in Saudi Arabia.
The SEB welcomes submission of articles from public health and community medicine practitioners throughout Saudi Arabia. Submitted articles should be brief €” no longer than 800 words and should say only the minimum necessary to cover the topic clearly. Each article should be submitted in duplicate as a double-spaced hard-copy with tables, figures references and names and affiliations of all authors. We also appreciate an additional copy as a word processing file on a floppy diskette.