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Other Assessments

  • Literature Review Assignment
  • Course unit Epidemiological Applications of Microcomputer (503 FETP) will be evaluated on basis of assignment given by trainer i.e. Microsoft office assignments 15% (30 marks), Epi-Info assignments 85% (170 marks).
  • Attendance will contribute 50% (100 marks) in evaluation of training activities (529-30 FETP).
  • Course units Scientific Writing (506 FETP), Public Health Programs (507 FETP), Seminars in Epidemiology (508-512 FETP), Epidemiologic Practice ((513-517 FETP), Surveillance systems (522-525 FETP), Scientific Presentations (527-528 FETP) and Training activities (529-530 FETP) will be evaluated in accordance with the methods described in each relevant section.