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Acintobacter Baumannii resistant outbreak report in King Saud Medical city, trauma ICU, 2017.


The infection control department in King Saud Medical City noticed sudden Increase in Acinetobacter Bumannii cases only in Trauma intensive care unit .Outbreak Investigation steps were implemented control measures to detect the possible sources, Determine the possible transmission way and to prevent further cases in future.


The investigation guided by a risk assessment to determine the risk factors and a Descriptive epidemiology implemented to involve all patients infected by MDRO/A.baumannii At the second day after trauma ICU admission and until 48 hours after discharge from the unit During December 2017.


The cases were 17 among a total admission (120) at trauma ICU in December. The Index case transferred from other hospital as a car accident. Most infected cases were male. The mean age is 38 year old and all cases were on medical devices. Cross contact is a cause of This type of outbreaks while increase admissions, nurse to patient ratio and environmental cleaning are factors play a role in this outbreak.


The collaboration between epidemiologist and infection control Coordinators with Applying the infection prevention and control measures lead to limit the outbreak spreading In addition control the situation. Increase the cross contact infections du to shortage staff is Common and solvable.