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The characteristics of the food poisoning outbreaks in Riyadh regions in the last two years (2013 -2014): cross-sectional study.


Food borne diseases is an important problem in Saudi Arabia, especially in Riyadh regions. Our goal to understanding the pattern of the food borne diseases outbreaks in Riyadh regions during 2013 -2014.Then we can prevent it happen in future.


Observational descriptive , cross-sectional study. Used records that available in the "Food safety program" in ministry of health, Riyadh- Saudi Arabia, 2013-2014.


The total food poising diseases outbreaks happen on Riyadh regions reach 102 in 2013-2014.Public category of food poisoning was more than home (65.38%) (34.31%). It was high in the aged between 5-49 years, more than half of the cases was female (55.7%) in 2013 and (57.18%) in 2014,most of them Saudi national (90.57%)in 2013 and (63.70%) in 2014. Chicken and rice were the most common food items that causes food poisoning outbreaks . Salmonella was the most confirmed causative micro-organism related to this outbreaks in Riyadh regions (25.6%).


Food borne diseases is still a big challenge and we should take quick actions to limit it as possible. Salmonella was the responsible of most of cases of FBDOs in Riyadh regions. Health education is very important to the public generally and food handlers.