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Food Poisoning Outbreak at Jeddah Islamic Port, Rabea alawal 1439 (December 2017)


An outbreak reported for (114) workers of Bengali nationality who live in a company's housing at Jeddah Islamic Port on 26/3 1439( 14/12/2017 ) after they had a dinner (white rice and camel meat) prepared and eaten in the workers' housing.The main objective was to identify the burden of this outbreak, To identify the source of the food poisoning and to Propose appropriate preventive recommendations to avoid such problems in the future.


A case-control study was applied (cases to controls ratio 1:1). The housing includes 500 persons from different nationalities. Cases were defined as a person who lives in the housing company ate dinner on Thursday 26/3/1439 (14/12/2017) in the accommodation restaurant and had one or more of the following symptoms: abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, fever. Control was defined as the workers in the camp who didn't have the symptoms. 232 were interviewed, 116 cases and 116 controls. The data were entered and analyzed statistically using the Epi-info program.


All the cases were males and the majority were of the Bengali nationality by 74%. Those aged between 20 and 40 years were 75%. Regarding the symptoms, abdominal pain was the commonest symptom among patients, affected (62%), then fever and diarrhea affected 59% and 57% respectively. The odds ratio for those who ate camel meat was 104 times higher than those who did not eat and the p-value was significant (p-value < 0. 01).


This Outbreak is a condition of food poisoning that happened in Jeddah in a cleaning company in December 2017. The epidemiological, lab and environmental results showed that the dinner which was served on that day was the reason for this outbreak although of the negative lab results especially for patients who used antibiotics before taking the sample from them.