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Hand, foot, mouth disease outbreak among school, preschool children, Tabuk, November 2019.


The current hand, foot, and mouth disease outbreak started on 5/11/2019 among preschool and school children in Tabuk city, detected and investigated on 19/11/2019, and is over on 5/1/2020. It is the first recognized outbreak of its kind in Tabuk. Objective:To investigate and to control the current outbreak and to prevent the future similar outbreaks.


Descriptive and analytic (case-control study) epidemiologic, laboratory, and environmental investigations were conducted.


No deaths. 20 probable cases among them: 11 (55%) were ≥ 6 - 11 years, 13 (65%) were males, all were Saudis. A significant association was between males and the disease with OR = 7.4, Chi-Square= 6.55, p value = 0.01, and 95% C.I. 1.7-31.


Distinctive characteristics which corresponded to case and an outbreak definition with link to laboratory results, it was a hand, foot, and mouth outbreak.