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Health related Lifestyles among Primary care physician of Ministry of Health In Jeddah in 2013G.


Unhealthy life styles as smoking , irregular exercise , unhealthy diet , alcohol drinking , stress , sleep disturbance are responsible about 45 % of deaths & most of common diseases as non-communicable diseases worldwide . Which are preventable risk factors.


To determine the health related lifestyles among Primary health care physicians of Ministry of Health in Jeddah in 2013. To set recommendations that Increase the awareness and knowledge about the effect of unhealthy lifestyle on doctor's life's and their clinical practice. A cross-sectional study was conducted among physicians of PHC in Jeddah city 2013G. A total of 334 physicians interviewed using standardized questionnaire about diet, physical activity, and smoking.


Mean age of study participants were 34.9 years and 36 years, for males and females with age range of (25 - 60) year in both group. Number of Saudi females physician work in PHCs in Jeddah 171 (75.3%). BMI of females physicians were within average weight (48.0%), while males were overweight (56.1%). The daily cigarette smoking was (64.9%) among males while (21.4%) among females. Electronic cigarette smoking was more among females (39.2%). Eating meals outside home per week were (5.2±3.9) days in males and among females were (3.5±2.6) days. (51.4%) of males physicians were doing regular physical activity more than females (42.7%). 120(35.9%) of studied group visit dentist regularly once / 6 month and from 6-12 months were 109(32.6%) and who visit dentist more than 1 year 92(27.5%), finally physicians were never seen by a dentist 13(3.9%).


On conclusion we found that smoking habits is frequent about (41.1%) in males and (16.7%) in females, in addition eating fruits and vegetables were (3.6±2.0) in males (3.7±2.1) in females Parallel for vegetable which was (4.32± 1.94) in males and (4.47± 1.94) among females which less than recommended dose by WHO which is less than 5 servings per day of eating fruit and vegetables. Most of them were not physically active. Vigorous intensity sports were done by males physicians at PHCCs 33(30.8%) and 47(20.7 %) for females. Smoking among PHC doctors is still high, (41.1%) among males and (16.7%) among females which may affect their practice in advising their risky patients. Oral hygiene was better among females (80.6) compared to males (73.8).