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Measles Outbreak in Qurayat City, KSA, Jun-Oct 2018


Measles is a very contagious viral disease, and it's one of the leading causes of death in young children age group, and despite maintaining herd immunity worldwide, there is an increase in the reported cases in 2018.


Descriptive cross-sectional study, in Qurayat city during the period of 13/7-13/10/2018, after high numbers of skin rash, and high fever admitted to Qurayat General Hospital, active surveillance conducted by Qurayat Communicable disease department, so that any case that met Case definition of Measles were immediately reported by the Hospital for the appropriate procedures.


There was 63 reported cases with measles suspicion, , and 35 cases were confirmed with positive Measles IgM, 17 cases were male, and 17 were female, and one case with missing gender, All the cases were Saudis, a mean age of 4.12 years, median 2 years, mode 1 year, and standard deviation of 6.89, the minimum recorded age was 1 years and the maximum was 39 years old, and the attack rate was 0.021%.


There is an urgent need to focus on the health education and promotion to the parents about Measles vaccination and, also to document the vaccination status by the respective PHCCs to know the herd immunity and to strengthen prevention against measles, as there is clearly low herd immunity against measles.