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MERS-CoV outbreak in Wadi Aldawasir General Hospitals renal dialysis unit, 2017


An outbreak of Mers CoV occurred in wadi Al Dawasir general hospital/renal unite during February 2017. FETP were called to investigate the incident.


We reviewed Renal Dialysis medical records, hospital medical records for all cases and public health records in primary healthcare centers for all reported confirmed cases during the study period. As Mers-Cov patients are referred to special hospital in Riyadh for proper isolation and treatment, we reviewed their medical records in the referral hospital. We Interviewed available hospital staff. We also interviewed the relatives.


A total of 10 Mers-CoV confirmed cases and 1 probable case were identified in the period between 15th of February to 15th of March 2017 in Wadi Aldawasir city. The Mers-CoV confirmed cases were 40% males, 60% females. 80% of cases were Saudis. The mean age was 42 (range 29-70) years. Two patients (20%) were health care personnel at the rehabilitation center. The most common underlying medical condition was renal failure requiring dialysis, reported by 6 (60%) cases. Renal failure patients on dialysis were significantly more likely to develop symptoms (p 0.047). For symptomatic patients, they were significantly older (43±16) years than the asymptomatic (39.6±11.5) years (p 0.045). All of the symptomatic (5) cases sought medical help from various emergency departments. Only one case was picked up from first visit, and only one case was picked up after multiple visits.


Patients with renal failure on hemodialysis carried more risk to develop a sever lower respiratory infection. Some of these patients were missed as symptomatic and were initially reported as asymptomatic.