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A Mixed Food Outbreak with Salmonellae and Staphylococcus Aureus, Alyotmah Village, 2017


A food poisoning outbreak was reported from food safety department of General Health Affair of Al-Madinah on Friday, third of March 2017, when seven cases visited the primary health care of Alyeettmah (Al-Madinah) complaining of gastro-intestinal symptoms after eating meal on previous day in Alyteemah restaurant. Cases reached 69 in the next three days, and team from field epidemiology training program (FETP) visited area and conducted an epidemiological investigation to assess extent of outbreak; identify source and provide recommended measures to prevent future outbreaks.


A descriptive study was conducted, case was defined as any person who ate from Alyteemah restaurant, between Thursday and Friday 3-4 March 2017, and developed one of the following symptoms: fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. Detailed inspection of mess for hygiene and sanitary status, cooking and storage procedure related to food handlers and restaurant were carried out. Samples from food handlers (stools, nails, and nasal swabs) and uncooked food were taken for lab analysis.


69 people met our case definition. The most frequent food items were Mayo-Sauce (98.6%) and fried chicken (95.7%). Restaurant was newly open.72.73%, and 27.27% of patient were positive for Salmonellae and S. Aureus respectively. 75% of the throat swabs of food handlers were positive for Staph aureus. One stool sample of food-handler was positive with Salmonellae.


The food handlers were source of infection, but they were asymptomatic where they infected mayo-sauce. Adding vinegar to mayo-sauce will make it a perfect media for Salmonellae, and this should be incriminated. Increasing awareness of food handlers by educating them about the proper way of washing their hands in warm running water along with soaps.