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Pattern of injuries among pilgrims in Mina General Hospital, Hajj 1438 2017, A Cross-section study


The Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are considered as an annual mass gathering in the hole world. About 2-3 million of pilgrims gathering in the same time every years and specific small areas to do their ritual. Managing enormous challenges health issues associated with such a mass gathering requires a restricted role to prevent injuries among pilgrims. According to the (WHO) the injuries are the most common cause of the mortality around the world. Hence, with such overcrowded and the crushing injuries could it could be happening with gathering this large number of peoples leading to deferent type of injuries. This study was done to assess the pattern of injuries among the pilgrims visited and reported at biggest health facility at Mina area the Mina General Hospital. when all the pilgrims move to Mina and resided there until the end of Hajj season 2017.


Main objective of the study was to measure the prevalence rate of the injuries cases among the pilgrims in Mina General Hospital in Hajj season 2017. To specify the most common type of injuries occur among pilgrims in Mina General Hospital in Hajj season 2017. To determine the possible risk factors could be presented among physical injuries cases in Mina General Hospital in Hajj season 2017. A cross-section study was carried out during a 10 day-period (8-15/12/1438 H) conducted in three parts in the emergency room, OPD and inpatients' word. All patients reporting injured to the Mina General Hospital were included and documented on a detailed Performa and analyzed.


The number of injuries cases who attended the Mina General Hospital was 137 patients, there were 109 males (80%) and 28 females (20%). Majority of the patients were between 50 to 70 years of age. (131) cases (91%) of the patients were discharged from the Hospital in stable condition after their received the treatment and (6) cases (9%) were admitted. (91%) of the injury's cases occur in Mina.


Injuries during Hajj are a common health problem which deserves more attention. Fracturs and Cut wound cases are the most common injuries cases visited Mina General Hospital during the Hajj period.