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Perception, attitude and early detection behaviors of Breast Cancer among females attending Primary Health Care centers in Riyadh city.


Breast cancer is the commonest international occurring malignancy among women. The Middle East has seen increased prevalence of breast cancer in recent years characterized by young age and delayed presentation. Only a small number of women are aware of the proper methods of conducting breast self-examination (BSE) as a self-screening measure for breast cancer. The objective of this study was to assess the level of knowledge, attitude and practice about breast cancer and screening behaviors among females attending PHC centers in Riyadh city during year 2010.


It was a cross-sectional interview based study. Four-hundred females 18 years old or more, attending PHC centers in Riyadh city, were interviewed during the month of July-August 2010 G.


Almost half (52.5%) of the females were less than 40 years old and (47.5%) were 40 years old or more, (16.0%)were illiterate, (15.0%)had 1ry/intermediate level of education, (32.5%)had high school level and (36.5%)had university level of education. Results of this study showed that there were statistically significant differences in the knowledge of the females about breast cancer according to their socio-demographic factors (age, nationality, educational level, occupation and knowing person with breast cancer). On the other hand, age, nationality and education didn't show any statistically significant association with BSE-practice whereas occupation and knowing person with breast cancer were significantly associated with BSE-practice. Level of knowledge had statistical significant association with BSE-practice.


This study concludes that the level of awareness of the females in Riyadh region regarding breast cancer and BSE is not adequate. The women in this region have a positive attitude towards learning this subject. On the basis of the finding of this study, it is strongly recommended that there should be a well-designed health education program for awareness of breast cancer and BSE for the females in Riyadh region. In order to succeed, breast cancer programs should be structured and implemented on a wide scale preferably tailored to fit individual communities.