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Polio Coverage in Tabuk Region, Saudi Arabia, 1995.


During 1995, the Ministry of Health initiated a mass polio vaccination campaign in Saudi Arabia. The Field Epidemiology Training Program was asked to assess coverage in Tabuk region.


We defined vaccination as an oral report from a parent that a child had received polio vaccine during the mass campaign. Vaccinations were considered confirmed if they were recorded on a vaccination card or on a PHCC record. We selected 19 population clusters in Tabuk and seven children in the targeted age group (0 to five years of age) were selected from each cluster. Vaccination history was obtained for each child. Vaccine coverage and 95% confidence intervals were calculated under the assumptions for single stage cluster sampling with probability of selection proportional to size.


From oral histories 97% (C.I. = 94-99.8) of Tabuk children in the targeted group received the first vaccination and 91% (CI= 85-97) received the second vaccination. Written records confirmed the first vaccination in 92% (CI = 86-98) and the second vaccination in 86% (C.I. = 78-94). Of confirmed vaccinations, 75% (C.I. = 64- 87) and 80% (C.I. = 68-92) received first and second doses at the PHCCs.


Vaccination coverage for the mass polio vaccination campaign in Tabuk achieved the target coverage level (90%) if oral histories are accepted and nearly achieved the target if written records only are considered.