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Prevalence of substance use disorder among psychiatric patients at Eradah Complex and Mental Health-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Although comorbidity of psychiatric disorder and substance use disorder (SUD) may lead to increased morbidity and mortality, less is known about the prevalence and associations. Patients with mental illness are more likely to be overlooked during clinical assessment, therefore the possibility of undertreated condition such as substance use increases. This study aims to measure the prevalence of SUD in patients with psychiatric disorders and assess the intervening associations.


A cross-sectional study (January 2018-October 2019), 380 patients with psychiatric disorders were admitted to Eradah Complex and Mental Health-Riyadh; data including demographic and ociodemographic characteristics, diagnosis, and patient- reported substance use were retrieved from the facility registry system.


The prevalence of SUD among patients with psychiatric disorders was 236(62%). Chi-square and Fisher's exact analyses identified variables as the most associated with SUD among patients, including male gender, 30-39y age, single marital status and a diagnosis of schizophrenia.


The prevalence of SUD was high in psychiatric disorders; therefore, it is suggested that professionals note the importance of substance use in psychiatric patients. Active screening and comprehensive prevention plans are recommended in all patients with psychiatric disorders, especially those with high risk factors.