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Socio-demographic characteristics associated with tobacco consumption among Smokers Attended Smoking cessation Clinics in Riyadh, 2018


There is concern about the potentially increasing use of smoking in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Smoking is a devastating behavior which affects smokers and non-smokers inversely.


This cross-sectional study was carried out to determine the most important socio-demographic characteristics among smokers attended smoking cessation clinics in Riyadh. Participants were chosen by stratified random sampling. A total of 162 participants aged 18 to 61 years at five different functioning smoking cessation centers were interviewed. Data were collected by close ended interviewed based questionnaire.


The majority of smokers were found to be in older adulthood. Socio-Demographic attributes were statistically associated with smoking consumption with regards to age, marital status, income, and occupation (p value <0.01). Medical condition; allergy and cardiovascular diseases were reported statistically associated with number of cigarettes consumption. Triggering factors for initiation smoking were to relief stress, friends imitation and depression.


Ministry of health and its partners should increase more taxes on cigarettes and to bans restricting household smoking. Our findings suggest a cessation program requires integrated approaches considering socio-demographic correlates.