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Trend of Infectious Respiratory Illnesses in Inpatient at Makkah after full establishment of HESN during Hajj


Millions of Muslims of different nationalities visiting Makkah every year to perform one of the Islamic rituals named Al Hajj, which have to done in a specific place and time, so this put the pilgrims at risk of communicable disease transmission. We conduct this study to know the trends of infectious respiratory disease that admitted to Makkah hospitals during Hajj season for the periods from 2016 to 2019 which is the periods of full established of HESN in Makkah.


Secondary data from HESN and cases line list was used to collect cases for the year from 2016 to 2019


Most cases of infectious respiratory disease were occured in the year 2017, and Influenzas A was the predominates disease among pilgrims specially outside Hajjis.


Most of the cases were male pilgrim patient who suffer from Influenzas A virus.