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Knowledge of dental care workers regarding transmission of blood born infections and infection control resource assessment in primary health care centers in Al-Ahsa region.


Dentist are in constant exposed to blood, oral fluids and are at high risk of getting needle stick or percutaneous injury because of the nature of the work. The main factor that can prevent such exposure is the proper knowledge regarding blood borne pathogens, handling of instruments and patients. Thus through this study we aimed to study knowledge of the dental workers.


Questionnaire based cross-sectional study was conducted in three regions of Al-Ahssa, Non purposive sampling was done to recruit the participants. Total 111 participants were recruited and were asked to fill up the questionnaire.


Dental workers in primary health care centres in Al-Ahssa region had no significant difference in knowledge. No significant deference between dentist, nurse and dental hygienist. There was no statistically significant difference in level of infection control knowledge including when assessed by level of education and years of experience.


Dental workers participating in this study had basic knowledge of the risks of transmission of blood-borne pathogens but relatively poor knowledge of post-exposure management.